Microsoft Edge now runs on Chromium

Microsoft will now distribute a new version of its web browser Chromium for Windows and MacOS. The new version will have a new logo, but under the hood lies the most radical innovation: the browser runs on Google's open source Chromium engine.


Microsoft had already announced last year that it would trade the EdgeHTML engine for the Chromium engine. That mainly had to solve a lot of compatibility problems. A beta version of the browser had also been available for several months. The first official version is now being released, although Microsoft is not yet distributing it to all customers at the same time. The rollout will take place in several phases. Those who absolutely want that can also install the browser manually.

Edge is, besides Chrome, by no means the only browser that runs on Chromium, competitors such as Brave and Vivaldi also do that. Firefox explicitly does not do that. Mozilla, the parent company of Firefox, has also warned of a new browser monopoly now that Edge has also gone overboard. Mozilla thus refers to the beginning of this century when almost every internet surfer used Explorer as a browser. A product of, ironically, Microsoft.

The new Edge also comes in versions for iOS and Android. Microsoft provides a new 'Privacy Promise' that makes it more difficult for companies to track surfers on the internet. The layout of the browser can also be partly adapted to the user's wishes and surfers can, for example, choose what kind of news they are most interested in. Chrome extensions can now also be used in Edge and the browser supports 4K and Dolby Audio in Netflix. There is also a special IE mode, which still renders pages like Internet Explorer would.

Some functions are also missing. It is not yet possible to synchronize browser history and extensions. This works with favorites, settings, contacts and passwords.