Microsoft puts deadline on Skype for Business

Skype for Business users have six months to migrate to Teams. On July 31 of this year, Microsoft's online meeting solution will be unplugged.

Which Skype for Business would be retired, is known since the end of July 2019. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of companies that made use of the service. They have of Microsoft now got a warning that it is time to switch.

Microsoft acknowledges that different customers are in different stages of a transition and that the pandemic has also caused delays, but the July 31 deadline will not be extended. Microsoft also notes that several customers made the transition in a few months.

In 2018, Microsoft announced that Teams would be on par with Skype for Business in terms of features and that Teams would be a top priority in terms of resources. The use of Teams has since been shot through the roof by the homework boom. In 2019, some 500,000 organizations worldwide used Teams. In October 2020, Microsoft announced that Teams has more than 115 million daily users.