Windows 11 is coming

Windows 11 is in the starting blocks. Microsoft's brand new operating system will be available to the general public this fall. Microsoft partners already have access to the Windows 11 preview.

If everything goes according to plan, it will be Windows 11 officially launched in October. Updates for Windows 10 users will follow in the course of 2022. These upgrades are free. Microsoft will be coming soon a tool that checks the compatibility of your computer.


Although Windows 11 looks straight forward, the interface has received a significant facelift. The most notable change: the Start button is no longer located at the bottom left of the taskbar, but in the middle (see screenshot). The start menu, language bar, widgets, explorer and settings have been redesigned for clarity and orientation. It also makes it easier to work in multiple windows at the same time.

Users will notice that Windows 11 is faster: from browsing (no matter which browser) and Windows Hello to waking up from sleep mode. Even the notorious updates are reduced by up to 40 percent and take place in the background. Less obvious, but at least as important is the low energy consumption and the safety of the system. Microsoft calls Windows 11 the "most secure Windows ever."


Even though Windows 11 won't be available until this fall, Windows 10 users are already getting a taste: the Office apps will soon be getting a visual refresh. Microsoft promises a "simple and more coherent experience." The color palette will be adjusted and users will also be given more options to adapt the ribbon to their own wishes.

According to Olaf van Miltenburg of Tweakers, these are 'mainly visual changes'. "Under the hood, it's still just Windows 10," he said BNR news radio.

New functionalities

However, that is not entirely correct: Windows 11 will also receive new functionalities. For example, the rules of the Microsoft Store will be adjusted, so that you will soon also be able to put Android apps on your computer. The Microsoft Teams chat will also be integrated into the new operating system.

Microsoft did not take any chances with the system. There is a lot at stake for the software giant: the current Windows 10 is the most popular operating system in the world. It is very important to Microsoft not to lose that position to Apple or Google.